We Love Gourds!

We have to tell you why we love gourds. Gourds have been the subject of art and utility for thousands of years. No two gourds are the same; each has its own distinctive shape grown especially for you by Mother Nature herself.

Gourds can last forever. Gourd art is driven by the shape of the gourd and the vision of artist. Since hard shell gourds are natural they will often sport some minor bumps and dents which we take into consideration when we create some of our most interesting pieces of artwork. Over time, some gourds will wobble or sit a bit funny which can be overcome by shaking the gourd to redistribute the internal seed weight or by placing the gourd on an unused candle holder. Rest assured, we will never use any gourd that is fatally flawed.

As hard as a gourd is, they can crack or break if dropped. We suggest that you keep dyed gourds out of direct sunlight as overtime the colors may fade.